Chào mừng quý vị đến với Trường THPT Quỳnh Lưu 4.

Quý vị chưa đăng nhập hoặc chưa đăng ký làm thành viên, vì vậy chưa thể tải được các tư liệu của Thư viện về máy tính của mình.
Nếu đã đăng ký rồi, quý vị có thể đăng nhập ở ngay ô bên phải.


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I. Cirle the best option to complete each sentence:
1. Could you tell me _________ you don’t like living in a big city?
a. how b. when c. where d. why
2. “ _________ are they?”. “Oh, the President’s daughters”
a. Who b. Whom c. Which d. That
3. _________ book is this, yours or mine?
a. what b. whose c. with d. whom
4. _________ did you get to Brighton? By train
a. when b. where c. why d. how
5. Do you know that girl? _________ is her name?
a. How b. Which c. What d. Who
6. How _________ will the journey take? Two hours or more?
a. often b. far c. much d. long
7. _________ is that bike? It’s Tom’s
a. Whose b. Who c. Where d. When
8. _________ is her job? She’s a doctor
a. Who b. What c. Whose d. Which
9. The dog bit _________ on the leg
a. hers b. her c. she d. he
10. _________ are going camping over the weekend
a. We b. us c. our d. He
11. _________ father is a teacher
a. He b. his c. She d. him
12. _________ children does your sister have?
a. How b. How many c. How much d. What
13. Jack and Jill got engaged last week. When are _________ going to get married?
a. them b. they c. their d. we
14. He is looking for _________ shoes
a. him b. her c. his d. he
15. _________ is going to New York on vacation
a. We b. You c. He d. I

II. Write these sentences using subject and object pronouns instead of the underlined words:
1. John and I saw Peter yesterday. He bought John and me a cup of coffee

2. David and Mike are arriving today. I’m meeting David and Mike at the station

3. I’m looking for Mary. Have you seen Mary? Mary isn’t at home

4. Peter and I saw a film called The Tiger yesterday. Have you seen The Tiger?

5. Come to the swimming pool with Joanna and me. Joanna and I are leaving now

6. George and Jane are meeting Paul today. Paul is having lunch with George and Jane

7. There’s Jack. Jack’s got a heavy suitcase. Shall we help Jack?

8. “Did you see Jonathon last night?” “No, I phoned Jonathon but Jonathon wasn’t there”

III. Write the questions to which the underlined words are the answers:
1. I was born in 1980

2. My father was born in Quang Nam

3. My address is 3 Le Loi street

4. It’s very hot in HCM in March

5. It takes two hours to ride to Vung Tau by motorbike

6. It’s Mr. Dawson’s car

7. I go to school by bike

8. My sister speaks English fluently

9. Lan drank your lemon juice

10. Her brother weighs 50 kilos

11. I have learnt English for 6 months

12. This bridge is 5 meters long

13. No, I’m not a teacher. I’m a student

14. My mother goes shopping once a month

15. He was absent from school because he felt sick

16. Mr. Pike enjoys travelling

17. There are ten trees in the garden

18. The cat is in the box

19. Those are her pencils

20. Her brother has breakfast at 6 o’clock every morning

21. My mother works in a hospital

22. Mr. Nam goes to work by car every day

23. This shirt costs 150,000 VND
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